The DSP Girls is a South Korean girl group formed by the DSP Media. DSP Girls is actually a temporary name for their group, PURETTY, which is revealed during their debut through both Korea and Japan in the Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future anime.


  • Hye In Yoo (Leader)
  • Shi Yoon Cho
  • Chae Kyung Yoon
  • So Min Jeon
  • Jae Eun Jeon (Maknae)

Note: Maknae is a commonly used Korean term to refer to the youngest in a group, family, etc.



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Release Date:
12th September 2012

  1. Cheki☆Love
  2. Cheki☆Love (Instrumental)
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Shuwa Shuwa Baby


Release Date:
30th January 2013

  1. Shuwa Shuwa Baby
  2. Very Very Like U
  3. Shuwa Shuwa Baby (Instrumental)
  4. Very Very Like U (Instrumental)