Jae Eun
Jae Eun
Age: 13[1]
Gender: FemaleFemale
Height: 161 cm
Personal Status
Education: Pretty Top Dance School
Professional Status
Affiliation: Dear Princess
Occupation: Student
Prism Star
Anime: Episode 5[2]
Japanese: Madoka Yonezawa[3]

Jae Eun (ジェウン; Jeun) is the third and youngest member of the study abroad team. Her catchphrase is Paku-paku (ぱくぱく; lit. Munch Munch) which she uses upon the sun to tell the mood of the day.


Jae Eun is a natural airhead, and is more than a bit clumsy. She is a sweet and honest girl and is determined to help those around her, especially when it comes to love, but she can also sometimes forget the feelings of the people around her when she needs help herself about trivial things. Jae Eun has a wide imagination and is also known to fall in and out of love quite easily. She likes lying on grassy plains and munching at the sun.


Jae Eun has hot pink, medium-length hair and sharp, brown eyes. Jae Eun keeps her hair naturally wavy and across her left shoulder. She is rarely seen without her black barette.


In Episode 5, Jae Eun makes her first appearance. She is confronted by Reina and invites her to join her as she munches the sun to gain energy and be recharged. When Reina left, she meets her again and reveals that she is another student studying abroad from Korea at Pretty Top and becomes Reina's friend.

Soon, she falls in love with Itsuki at first sight after walking pass him on her way to school with Reina. She wasn't the least bit afraid to admit her feelings, but she wasn't aware about Reina's feelings herself and asks Reina to write her love letter for him, since she can't write in Japanese. Reina accepts, but the next time they meet Itsuki, Reina says she isn't done yet. Jae Eun then confronts Reina again during her practice and drags her out because she found him again, but Reina happened to ignore her when she found the stuff her fellow teammates wanted in a store. To Jae Eun's anger, they get into a fight.

Soon, Jae Eun realizes that what she did was wrong and goes back to cheer Reina on in her next Prism Show. When confronting Reina, she apologizes, but before that, Jae Eun had already fell in love with another boy which she calls a 'Knight'. She and Reina make up and soon become best friends from then on.

In Episode 20, Jae Eun begins to like Shou.

In Episode 33, Jae Eun bumps into a chef with a 'Paku-paku' atmosphere and then vows to help revive his restaurant.

In Episode 27, Jae Eun is grouped with Reina and Ayami, to participate in the Symphonia Selection: Road to Symphonia. Despite being the only PURETTY member of the group, she enjoys being around her teammates.


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