Kyoko Asechi

Kyoko is the boss of Pretty and a former Prism Star in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, and it's sequel, Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future. She is very focused on getting the best talent. She has a bit of an obsession with money. She was best friends and rivals with Sonata Kanzaki during her Prism Show days.She has a fairly bad relationship with her mother, Kei, and works with her half-brother Jun at Pretty Top. She knows he has the ability to see who will become stars above all other stars.


The president of Pretty Top. She usually forces Aira and Rizumu to do prism shows when they don't want to or when they least expect it. She is 34 years old. It is later revealed that she was planning on getting married with someone before but he ran away before the ceremony. It is unknown about who the man was though. It is also revealed that she too once participated in the prism show and fought against Sonata Kanzaki. She won the first round but couldn't do the Aurora Rising which made Sonata the prism queen. She usually tries to raise the amount of money Pretty Top makes. She doesn't actually let Aira and Rizumu rest often. She was very worried about what would happen to Rizumu if she had done Aurora Rising. Kyoko is half siblings with Jun, born by the same mother but different father. She always have a money sign in her eyes when she has another idea of making money.