Common Prism Jumps

Prism JumpsEdit

Pretty Rhythm Jumps 1

Aurora Dream Edit

  1. Ep.1 Fresh Fruits Basket (Aira)
  2. Ep.2 Heartful Splash (Rizumu)
  3. Ep.4 Colourful Choco Parade (Rizumu)
  4. Ep.4 Heart-Pounding Experience- Mune Kyun Tai Ken (Aira)
  5. Ep.6 Fun-Fun Heart Dive (Rizumu)
  6. Ep.6 Stardust Shower (Rizumu)
  7. Ep.9 Happy Macaroon Spin (Rizumu)
  8. Ep.10 Lovely Rainbow (Aira)
  9. Ep.12 Bloom-Bloom-Blooming Love Flowers- Hira Hira Hiraku Koi no Hana (Aira)
  10. Ep.12 Do-Re-Mi-Fa Slider (Mion)
  11. Ep.12 Golden Star Magic (Mion)
  12. Ep.14 Stardust Shower (Mion)
  13. Ep.14 Throbbing Memory Leaf (Mion)
  14. Ep.19 Crystal Splash (Aira)
  15. Ep.19 Pop'n Candy Rocket (Rizumu)
  16. Ep.24 Stardust Shower Perfect (Rizumu)
  17. Ep.27 Dolphins Venus (Rizumu)
  18. Ep.28 Sweet Honey Kiss (Mion)
  19. Ep.40 Miracle Macchiato (Mion)
  20. Ep.41 Miss Fairy Girl (Aira)
  21. Ep.42 Super Stardust Shower (Rizumu)
  22. Ep.43 Smile-Smile Heart Dive (Kanon)
  23. Ep.43 Heart-Pounding Experience (Rizumu)
  24. Ep.43 LoveLove Candy Rockets (Rizumu)
  25. Ep.44 Valentine Sweets Parade (Aira)
  26. Ep.45 Shining Diamond Dust Burning (Mion)
  27. Ep.46 Dark Aurora Rising (Rizumu and Kaname)
  28. Ep.47 Fresh Fruit Paradise (Aira)
  29. Ep.47 Hat Trick Star (Serena)
  30. Ep.47 Prism Ranbow Hurricane (Serena)
  31. Ep.47 Lovely Rainbow (Kanon)
  32. Ep.47 Smile-Smile Heart Dive Laugh Blast (Kanon)
  33. Ep.48 Dolphin Venus Perfect (Rizumu)
  34. Ep.48 Aurora Rising (Rizumu and Kaname)
  35. Ep.49 Aurora Rising Final (Rizumu)
  36. Ep.50 Aurora Rising Dream (Aira)
  37. Ep.50 Eternal Big Bang (Mion)

Dear My Future Edit

  1. Ep.5 Heart-Pounding Experience (Aira)
  2. Ep.11 Fresh Fruits Planet (Aira)
  3. Ep.11 Sweet Honey Kiss x2 (Mion)
  4. Ep.28 Infinite Hugs Eternal (Aira)
  5. Ep.38 Unlimited Love Shower (Rizumu)
  6. Ep.38 Angel Kiss (Mion)
  7. Ep.44 Aurora Rising Dream (Aira)
  8. Ep.44 Aurora Rising Fina l(Rizumu)
  9. Ep.44 Eternal Big Bang (Mion)

MARS Prism Jumps Edit

Pretty Rhythm Jumps 2

Duo Jumps Edit

  1. Ep.17 Colorful Choco Parade Duo (Aira and Rizumu)
  2. Ep.17 Wonderful Sweets Show (Aira and Rizumu)
  3. Ep.18 Heart Arc Fantasy (Aira and Rizumu)
  4. Ep.19 Stardust Shower Duo (Aira and Rizumu)
  5. Ep.20 Fly High Cheer Girl (Aira and Rizumu)
  6. Ep.23 Bloom-Bloom-Blooming Love Flowers Duo (Aira and Mion)
  7. Ep.25 Pop'n Candy Rockets Duo (Aira and Rizumu)
  8. Ep.27 Heartful Splash Duo (Aira and Rizumu)
  9. Ep.29 Heart Arc Fantasy (Rizumu and Mion)

Trio Jumps Edit

  1. Ep.24 Do-Re-Mi-Fa Slider
  2. Ep.29 Cheerful Hip Hop Win
  3. Ep.30 Doki-Doki Halloween Night
  4. Ep.31 Vitamin Garden Sunshine
  5. Ep.37 MARS Phoenix
  6. Ep.38 Miracle Snow Christmas
  7. Ep.50 Dream Forever

CALLINGS Prism JumpsEdit

  1. Ep.10 Infinite Hugs (Sho)
  2. Ep.10 Shooting Star Spiral (Hibiki)
  3. Ep.10 Heart Warming Shower (Wataru)
  4. Ep.30 L-O-O-K (Sho)
  5. Ep.30 Sweet Sweet Whisper (Hibiki)
  6. Ep.30 Dangerous Baby Face (Wataru)

SERE-NON Prism JumpsEdit

Pretty Rhythm Jumps 3
  1. Ep.22 Hat Trick Star
  2. Ep.22 Prism Rainbow Hurricane
  3. Ep.32 Smile Smile Heart Drive
  4. Ep.37 Prism Rainbow Hurricane Max

PRIZMMY Prism JumpsEdit



  1. Ep.2 Kirameki Future Star
  2. Ep.19 Stardust Shower
  3. Ep.21 Kirameki Future Star Evolution
  4. Ep.31 Kirameki Future Star Evolution 2
  5. Ep.34 Kirameki Future Star Evolution 3
  6. Ep.35 Fly High Cheer Girls (With Chae Kyung)
  7. Ep.37 Kirameki Future Star Evolution 4
  8. Ep.41 Kirameki Future Star Evolution 5


  1. Ep.3 Crystal Splash
  2. Ep.5 Mune Kyun Taiken
  3. Ep.5 Heartful Splash
  4. Ep.19 Bloom-Bloom-Blooming Love Flowers
  5. Ep.20 Lovely Perfume Splash
  6. Ep.22 Renai Explosion
  7. Ep.33 Sweet Honey-Chu Kiss
  8. Ep.44 Tokimeki Memory Hug


  1. Ep.3 Heartful Splash (With Ayami)
  2. Ep.4 Heartful Splash Perfect
  3. Ep.4 Crystal Splash
  4. Ep.4 Fun-Fun Heart Dive
  5. Ep.19 Heart Arc Fantasy (With Ayami)
  6. Ep.26 Galactical Galaxy Shower
  7. Ep.41 Prism Stone Fantasy (With Ayami)
  8. Ep.44 Galactical Galaxy Dive


  1. Ep.3 Heartful Splash (With Karin)
  2. Ep.6 Lovely Rainbow
  3. Ep.6 Miss Fairy Girl
  4. Ep.19 Heart Arc Fantasy (With Karin)
  5. Ep.27 Shining Love Cupid
  6. Ep.41 Prism Stone Fantasy (With Karin)
  7. Ep.44 World Love Cupid

  1. Prism Act: Miracle Idol Wake Up!
  2. Prism Act: Road To Symphonia
  3. Prism act: Dear My Future
  4. Prism act: Grateful Symphonia
  5. Prism Act: Sky High Symphonia (together with Puretty)

PURETTY Prism JumpsEdit


Hye InEdit

  1. Golden Spiral
  2. Happy Macaroon Spin (With Jae Eun)
  3. Golden Star Illusion (Signature jump)
  4. Platinium Spiral

So MinEdit

  1. Pop'n Candy Rocket (With Chae Kyoung)
  2. Pink Dolphin Venus (Signature Jump) ~Pink Dolphin Venus Perfect
  3. Stardust Shower
  4. Sparkling Blooming Love Flowers (Solo and with Chae Kyung)
  5. Hat Trick Star
  6. Mune Kyun
  7. Prism Stone Fantasy (With Shi Yoon)

Shi YoonEdit

  1. Colorful Choco Parade (With Jae Eun)
  2. King of the jungle (Signature Jump)
  3. Happy Macaroon Spin (With Jae Eun)
  4. Pop'n, Candy Rocket (With Chae Kyoung)

Chae KyungEdit

  1. Pop'n Candy Rocket (With Chae Kyung)
  2. Crystal Splash
  3. Pink Dolphin Venus (With So Min)
  4. Gorgeous Jewelry Paradise (Signature Jump) ~ Celebrity Jewelry Paradise
  5. Hat Trick Star (With So Min)
  6. Sparkling Blooming Love Flowers (With So Min)
  7. Fly High Cheer Girls (With Mia)
  8. Cheerfull Hip Hop Win (With Jae Eun)

Jae EunEdit

  1.  Colorful Choco Parade (With Shi Yoon)
  2. Happy Macaroon Spin (With Hye In) (With Shi Yoon)
  3. Sparkling Blooming Love Flowers (With So Min)
  4. Pop'n Candy Rocket (With Shi Yoon)
  5. Paku Paku Love-Earth (Signature Jump)
  6. Fly High Cheer Girls (With Chae Kyung)

PURETTY Prism ActsEdit

  1. Night Flower Fever
  2. Road To Symphonia
  3. Sky High Symphonia (Solo and with Prizmmy)
  4. Grateful Symphonia (With Love Mix,MARs,Serenon+Kaname,The Callings, and Puretty)
  5. Dear my future (With Love Mix,MARs,Serenon+Kaname,The Callings, and Puretty)
  6. We Love Prism Shows

Sprouts Edit

SPROUTS Prism ActsEdit

  1. Shall we dance
  2. Shall we love propose!
  3. One way road


P&P Prism ActsEdit

  1. Daisuki! A lovely thank you
  2. Coelacanth Velora


COSMOS Prism ActsEdit

  1. 185px-Cosmos
    Dream Flower Revolution
  2. Throbbing Memorial Heart For you
  3. (If you know the name of the last prism act that they did please put in here)[clue: its like a vegetable breaking down a waffle wall]

Hye InEdit

Symphonia-Prism ActsEdit

  1. Hoshizora (Starry Sky) Symphonia
  2. Passionate Symphonia