Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Episode 48 - Rizumu - Aurora Rising

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Episode 48 - Rizumu - Aurora Rising

Rizumu amamiya 18

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Rizumu Amamiya
Age (Aurora Dream) 13-14

Age (Dear My Future) 17-18

Gender: Female

Height (Aurora Dream) 165 cm

Height (Dear My Future) 175 cm


               Pretty Top

Astrological  Virgo       Sign
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Brown

Rizumu AmamiyaEdit

Rizumu Amamiya (AKA. Rizumu Todou) is a main character in the series Pretty Rhythm - Aurora Dream. She also appears in season 2 of Pretty Rhythm - Dear My Future. She is a part of a unit named MARS. Including Harune Aira and Mion Takamine. In Season 1 of Pretty Rhythm she attemps to jump the Auora Rising that is nearly impossible to do. She attemps to do this jump in memory of her mother, a Prism Queen who was the first to perform the Auora Rising. She succeeded to do this jump but had gone through a lot and took away love from her heart. Aira and Mion aim to get her back to normal. In the Prism Queen Cup Final, Rizumu attemps to do the Aurora Rising and ends up doing a new jump called, Aurora Rising Final!