So Min
Age: 14[1]
Gender: FemaleFemale
Height: 167 cm
Personal Status
Education: Pretty Top Dance School
Professional Status
Affiliation: Dear Princess
Occupation: Student
Prism Star
Anime: Episode 8[2]
Japanese: Marie Miyake[3]

So Min (ソミン; Somin) seems like a very kind and gentle person, but in fact, she cannot forgive things that are wrong, and will never let anything she thinks is right get messed up. She has a good head on her shoulders and is the last study-abroad student from Korea.


So Min has many leadership capabilities and serves as the official leader of PURETTY. She won't leave anything messed up and will always fix it immediately, she also hated anything pointless and had no faith in Prizmmy☆ when they were entered the Stand Up Girl's tournament representing Pretty Top. Soon, So Min accepted Prizmmy☆ after seeing their show saying it was fun, even though they didn't have much skill.

So Min can also be a crybaby and often cries out of both sadness and joy, and one of her most noticeable traits is getting lost. She is actually in love with Yunsu and possibly wants to be his muse.


So Min has bright orange hair and sharp, green eyes. The length of her hair is unable to be estimated because it is always tied up into a bun. She loves wearing Dear Crown's clothes and often wears their style.


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