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Hye In wearing A version of Symphonia

They legendary prism stones that peaks the interest of Yuzu. It was later revealed when Yuzu was talking to Hye In that his mother was the creator of this series, but never finished (however it was finished by someone else). The mysterious man in black is somehow connected to them. Shou suspects he's using them for foulplay.

In the Symphonia Summer Festival, Prizmmy won and gained the Symphonia Top but Hye In won MVP and gained the Symphonia Dress.

Symphonia Prism StonesEdit

  • Symphonia Dress (シンフォニアドレス Shinfonia Doresu)
  • Symphonia Top (シンフォニアトップス Shinfonia Toppusu)
  • Symphonia Skirt (シンフォニアスカート Shinfonia Sukāto)
  • Symphonia Boots (シンフォニアブーツ Shinfonia Būtsu)

MARs' Symphonia DressesEdit

  • Dress of Mystery (神秘のドレス Shinpi no Doresu) - Aira Harune
  • Pure White Wedding Dress (ピュアホワイトウェディングドレス Pyua Howaito Uedingu Doresu) - Rizumu Amamiya
  • Romantic Night Wedding Dress ( ロマンチックナイトウェディングドレス Romanchikku Naito Uedingu Doresu) - Mion Takamine

Prizmmy Symphonia DressesEdit

  • Dress of Passion (情熱のドレス Jōnetsu no Doresu)Mia Ageha
  • Top of Intelligence (知性のトップス Chisei no Toppusu) - Reina Miyama
  • Top of Friendship (友情のトップス Yūjō no Toppusu)Karin Shijimi
  • Top of Kindness (優しさのトップス Yasashi-sa no Toppusu)Ayami Ooruri

PURETTY Symphonia DressesEdit

  • Dress of the Sky (大空のドレス Oozora no Doresu) - So Min
  • Dress of the Sun (太陽のドレス Taiyō no Doresu)Jae Eun
  • Dress of the Ocean (海のドレス Umi no Doresu) - Chae Kyung
  • Dress of the Earth (大地のドレス Daichi no Doresu)Shi Yoon
  • Dress of the Starlit Sky (星空のドレス Hoshizora no Doresu)Hye In